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Doctors of Chiropractic use a hands on approach to treat disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.  The practice includes patient examination and therapy.  The most common procedure performed is the adjustment or spinal manipulation.  The adjustment can be performed manually or with the use of the Activator.  It improves posture, increases joint mobility, and decreases pain.  



There are many causes of misalignments in the spine. These can range from injury, sleep patterns, work habits, exercise, etc.  A misalignment is a slight movement of the vertebrae. When a misalignment occurs all the muscles, nerves, and ligaments associated with that vertebrae are adversely effected. At every appointment your spine is checked for misalignments, muscle tension, and nerve involvement. 

Treatment includes correcting the misalignment with an instrument (Activator) and hands on adjustments.  Muscles are relaxed with stretching, trigger point therapy, and vibration. Any recommendations for at home care is given at the end of the session.  



The Activator instrument delivers a gentle force to the spine or extremities. It is used as and alternative to manual manipulation or in conjuction with it.  The instrument is great with younger and older patients. 

I find using the Activator in addition to manual adjustments work best for my patients.  However if you do not like manual manipulation, the Activator alone works just as great. 



Pregnant women experience rapid changes in their body due to the growth and development of the baby.  Because of these changes, nerve function can be inhibited, especially to the pelvic/sacral area.  The Webster Technique utilizes adjustments and soft tissue work to remove nerve interference and allow the body to function properly. No matter what your birth plan is (natural/medical assistance/C-section), Chiropractic can help ease the aches and pains that go along with your pregnancy.  At the office we have pillows for each stage of pregnancy so you are able to lie down comfortably on your stomach while receiving treatment.  

I am currently certified in the Webster Technique with the ICPA. 


Adjustments for children are very gentle and different from adult adjustments. Many people think adjustments for children are unnecessary because children are less likely to injure themselves and rarely complain of neck or back pain. However pain is not an only indicator that misalignments are present. They can present in other ways. 

I am currently expanding on my education by taking part of training with the ICPA. This program provides up to date procedures to provide care for expectant mothers and children. 

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